In five simple steps, your facility will be Arc Flash compliant.

Current Engineering’s compliance program meets all regulations set forth by OSHA 1910 and NFPA 70E standards.

1. Perform an electrical power distribution survey of your facility. This field survey will include documentation of all items required for an Arc Flash Analysis. We can provide this survey, or this information can be gathered by your personnel.
2. We will create a virtual model of your power system using the data gathered from the survey. This model will allow us to generate a comprehensive Arc Flash Analysis Report listing each device’s Arc Flash Risk Category Level, Arc Flash Incident Energy (cal/cm2), and Arc Flash Boundary.
3. Create and apply Arc Flash Labels for each affected device. Each label will list the analysis data and the appropriate PPE required for each device. Our labels are made from a UV inhibited, chemical resistant, outdoor vinyl material, to provide a long lasting service.
4. Create or assist you in developing or improving your Arc Flash Safety Program.
5. Provide Arc Flash Training for all affected personnel in your facility.