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Arc Flash


We are the sole provider and keeper of several large industrial plants’ Arc Flash Models. This includes Power Plants, Manufacturing facilities, Smelters, and Rolling Mills. Some of these plants include over 2000 buses. We do Arc Flash Assessments where needed to bring each of them up to NFPA 70E compliance.

Induction Furnace Upgrade


This project included two new 1000 KW power supplies, dry coolers, piping, pump stations, bus work, switchgear, and MCCs. Pump stations, PLC interface, programming, HMI, Arc Flash, estimating, and project management.

Ingot Plant Chlorine Facility


This project included all of the electrical engineering required to install a new facility to house and distribute Chlorine to the Ingot plant. Again, new PLC systems, MCCs, Cable tray, programming, P&ID development, were all part of this scope of work.

Roofing Mill Wrapper Upgrade


This project included PLC upgrades, drive upgrades, mechanical drive mounting and gearing details, new HMI, bid and construction packages, and a complete rewire of this machine.

Power Plant MCC


This project required replacing all of the outdated motor control centers throughout the Warrick Power Plant with new Allen Bradley Centerline MCCs. Current Engineering, Inc. provided the detailed engineering services required to replace 40 motor control centers and 7 substations at the ALCOA Power Plant. The deliverables included procurement packages, demolition packages, installation packages, and a specification package. A typical demolition and installation package consisted of: specification drawings, scope of work, bill of material (as needed), conduit and cable schedules, transition drawings, single line drawings, front panel elevations, location and conduit plan, and control wiring diagrams.

GAF Chilled Water System


A new chiller and heat exchanger design and detailing along with the foundations, piping, and supports completed this project.